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The Business Language and Communication Centre (BLCC) offers Blended language Learning for companies and organisations. BLCC carries the QFor-quality label for training institutions and is a steady partner of the main sector funds and many companies.

The project

Although e-learning is a very flexible form of learning, it also requires a high level of self-discipline from the learner. That is why BLCC believes in the power of good feedback, offering support to the trainee during his e-learning activity. This helps to keep motivated and guarantees a maximum learning progress. BLCC also believes in the added value of e-coaching.

E-learning content focuses on company language and business communication. It mainly contains preparatory material for oral skills, presented in a well-founded didactical learning path.

Televic Education products and services

To meet all the requirements for this project, Televic Education used and further developed Edumatic Publish and the optional Edumatic Mobile, our professional platform for online learning, questions and tests.

  • Edumatic Publish is a unique, e-learning authoring tool for developing exercises, questions and tests for the internet and standalone applications. The flexibility of Edumatic is ideal for producing diagnostic, formative and summative exams, tests and e-assessments.
  •  Edumatic has built up a strong reputation as an authoring tool based on its wide range of exercise types and its intelligent feedback options. Integration of multimedia components such as images, video and audio files in Edumatic makes the learning experience an interactive treat for students and learners.
  • Edumatic makes it easy to create and author ‘real’ interactive content within a web-browser, allowing development of courses, tests, exams and e-assessments from anywhere. More importantly it gives students online access to these exercises from any PC with an internet connection and now even from an internet mobile phone.


BLCC case study [485 KB]