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AVIDAnet® Live: Digital Language Lab

AVIDAnet® Live is a modern and flexible digital language lab solution which makes delivering multimedia lessons and activities easier than ever before. With the AVIDAnet® Live language lab software, teachers can engage students in live learning activities, combining the 4 major language skills: 

  • listening
  • speaking
  • reading, and
  • writing.

AVIDAnet® Live can be used in new or existing ICT classrooms and helps to focus students on learning activities. Innovative features in AVIDAnet Live allow the teacher to capture and transmit rich multimedia material to students with ease.

Use a wide range of multimedia materials

AVIDAnet Live makes full use of multimedia learning materials and can connect to a variety of analogue and digital sources including DVD, audio files, digital video files and the internet.

Live audio facilities and recording

Live audio facilities allow fluent communication for conversation activities, along with provision to record in digital format for evaluation or speaking assessments.

Classroom Management

AVIDAnet Live language lab software puts teachers in full control of ICT classrooms and provides the tools to manage, deliver and monitor live classes in an easy and secure way.

Exam mode and restricted mode

The teacher can easily send and invigilate practice sessions or real exams, while blocking access to programs, files and the internet, allowing the student to focus on the given task, activity or examination.

AVIDAnet Live PRO-card: essential for language learning

The AVIDAnet® Live Pro is an external USB component that is added to each computer in the AVIDAnet® Live setup. It consists of an advanced audio card and a network adapter with all the necessary glue logic, processors and embedded software.

Adding this component to the AVIDAnet Live system allows for almost zero-delay audio conversations between teacher and students or between students. This is an essential requirement if the AVIDAnet® Live system is used for language learning and training.

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