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Digital Media Player & Recorder

AVIDAnet┬« Live Sonus is a 2-track media player & recorder that can be used

  • on its own, or
  • together with the AVIDAnet Interpreter Training Lab for tutor-led activities or for independent use and self-study.

The digital media player & recorder makes it easy to practice with existing digital learning materials or live in the classroom. Sonus is compatible with most common audio and video formats: voice and speaking assessments can be recorded in .mp3 or .wav formats.

2 Track Recording For Interpreter Training

  • 2 separate tracks for recording (Source + Student)
  • Insert voice/response into existing audio file
  • AACC Audio Active Comparative Corrective
  • Voice graphs for pronunciation practice
  • Automatic sentence detection
  • Add bookmarks/reference markers
  • Add subtitles to audio and video files
  • Student Recorder/s can be controlled by the tutor