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E-content and e-assessment platform

Edumatic is an advanced web-based platform to create, manage, deliver and follow up online assessments and practice.

Using Edumatic, you can

  • create items using 30 question types,
  • add positive and negative feedback, both on question and on option level
  • combine questions into assessments and exercises manually or using metadata,
  • schedule assessments and practices with or without time limits,
  • easily manage user, groups and access codes,
  • customize the features of the portal and the player, and
  • view and export the results.

Test anywhere, for anyone

Candidates can take an assessment or practice within school premises, at home, or in a secure and controlled environment or exam center.

They can log on

  • using a login and password
  • using a simple access code, or
  • through SSO with your application.


When an assessment or exercise is finished, you can consult the results through comprehensive online reporting, or in your own Learning Management system (LMS) through web services.

E-content & E-assessment Platform