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Why 'Like' us?

Televic Education regularly posts interesting links, news items or just little facts about what's cookin' in our kitchen on the facebook company webpage.

By liking our page, these updates end up in your facebook news stream. Not only you're the first to find out what's new, it also gives you the opportunity to interact with us and join the Televic Education community.

How to follow us?

If you have a personal facebook account, just type 'Televic Education' in the search box and our company page will appear in the search list. Or instead follow this link:

If you haven't 'Liked' us before, you will see a welcome screen, inviting you to 'Like' us. Once you have clicked the 'Like' button, you will go straight to our wall every time you visit us and our updates will appear in your news stream.

Do I need a facebook account to see the Televic Education page?

No, anyone can see the facebook page, even without a personal facebook account. Just go to and click through to 'Wall' on the left hand side of the page.

However, without a personal facebook account, you will not automatically receive our updates, nor will it be possible to interact with us.

Can I stop following Televic Education?

Yes, you can stop following us anytime by 'unliking' us on the lefthand side of our facebook page.