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Professional Interpreter Training Solutions

Televic Education has extensive knowledge in the field of interpretation for many years, and has designed and supplied professional conference and interpreting solutions to the world’s leading parliament halls, conference centres, banks and courtrooms.

The increasing need for trained interpreters has introduced many new challenges for specialist interpreting schools and universities. Televic’s professional interpreter training solutions perfectly recreate real-life environments along with the pedagogical tools required to teach and evaluate students progress.

Use any learning materials

Any live, analogue or digital learning materials can be used to train the next generation of interpreters, practicing their skills for simultaneous interpreting, consecutive liaison, text-to-speech interpreting, ...

Visual support tools

Additionally, the use of booth cams and conference cams for the delegates can allow the student and lecturer to monitor facial expressions, note-taking and various physical clues. With this visual facility, sign language interpreting can be effectively taught and learned as well.

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