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SYNTRA Flanders is a governmental organization working hand in hand with the ministries of Education and Labour in the steering and working group of the Flemish “Entrepreneurial Education Action Plan”. SYNTRA operates the Flemish hub for entrepreneurial training.

The project

Syntra screens all incoming trainees or candidates to see if they meet the required levels to enter the training programs. These screenings have on-the-fly subscriptions (people are registered as they arrive to subscribe for a training and take the exam right away, most of the times) and on-the-fly results. The exam results are immediately exported and transferred to the Syntra administrative systems (2).

Facts and figures

  • Syntra trains more than 30.000 people per year
  • On 24 different campuses
  • Edumatic Exam « talks » to 2 different administrative systems
    o Single Sign On with both systems
    o Results exchange with both systems


Products used