AVIDAnet Lite

AVIDAnet Lite classroom control management software helps you to deliver live classes or to monitor live assessments in a secure and easy way.

Full classroom control

AVIDAnet Lite Classroom Control Management software:

  • Puts teachers in full control of ICT classrooms, you decide what's happening on all the classroom's computers and screens.
  • Provides the tools needed to deliver live classes in a secure and easy way.
  • Provides the tools to securely start up and monitor live assessments, exams, tests and evaluations.

Part of the AVIDAnet Live Suite, AVIDAnet Lite has all the features of the AVIDAnet Live (Pro), except for audio and video.

AVIDANet Lite monitoring exams AVIDANet Lite monitoring exams

Transfer files to the class

Easily send files to the classroom. To all computers or to some specific ones.
Or collect files from the computers to your position.

Launch applications

Launch applications on the classroom computers. All together or all different: you are in control. You can launch applications and open files in the applications.

Launching a document to edit in Word, launching a spreadsheet to edit in Excel, launch an exam in assessmentQ...

Control the browser

Have full control over what students can and can’t view on the internet. Block the internet completely or allow only specific websites during lessons.

Or open the same URL for everybody.

Control USB

AVIDAnet Lite offers one-click buttons to deny student access to USB sticks and other applications.

Exam Mode

With one click you can activate exam mode, which locks down the candidates' PC’s, allowing access only to the specified learning material, exercise, test or exam. The exam mode function can be used in normal classroom teaching, for practice sessions or real exams.

Exam mode blocks the keyboard options for the candidates to just the necessary keys. 

Different views

View what's happening on the screens:

  • class overview
  • list view
  • mosaic view

With assessmentQ:
Exam mode and restricted mode

You can use AVIDAnet Lite with assessmentQ to oversee practice sessions or real exams, and to restrict access to distracting programs, files and internet sites.