Bring Your Own Device language learning made easy

Bridging the gap in language learning

Today’s learners are very familiar with new technologies and have high expectations when it comes to any technology-supported learning experience. However, how can you let students practice languages on their own device, while still retaining the overview and necessary control as a teacher?

This is exactly the gap that collaborationQ bridges. 

Created in close collaboration with KU Leuven, collaborationQ is an experience-based platform, tested and approved by learners and teachers. It provides highly specialised language-related activities, such as speaking and group discussion exercises. Learners can practice at home or in any classroom. Teachers can still retain control, with possibilities such as automatic recording, intercom, discrete listening and screen monitoring.

collaborationQ is a BYOD and campus-wide solution, breaking the boundaries of the traditional classroom with location-specific technology. It increases the interactivity and learner engagement in any lecture, with silent questions, quizzes and polls that can be integrated in the teacher's PowerPoint slides.

Listen and repeat, speak and discuss anywhere

collaborationQ enables learners to practice their listening, speaking and conversation skills in any location, at home or in the education institution. Every type of activity provides a number of options allowing you to fine-tune the solution to your needs: do you want to record a speaking exercise, which version do you want to submit to the teacher, do you want to use your webcam or not? 

The required flexibility for teachers

Teachers have a lot of options to monitor and evaluate students, from live interventions using the intercom to postponed interventions based on recordings. Further, they can listen discretely to students performing speaking activities or interviews, and even monitor the students' screen if required. You can determine the level of freedom you or your institution wants to provide for any type of activity. 

Live quizzing and polling in any lecture

Keep students engaged and motivated with quick quizzes and polls. Let them answer with their own smartphone or device. See the results live, even embedded in your PowerPoint slides so you don't have to switch between applications. 

In so-called "practice mode", students can retake quizzes at home in preparation of an exam. 

Tested and approved in living labs

Every feature of collaborationQ is tested in living labs at KU Leuven, Belgium’s largest university. Through every step of the development process, learner and teacher feedback were taken into account to optimize the user experience for everyone.

More than language learning

You can use collaborationQ very easily outside of the language lecture. Presentation techniques, interviewing skills, sales training, public speaking, negotation traning, and much more types of training and activities are reliably supported by collaborationQ. 

Features in a nutshell

  • Cloud-based software, no installation required
  • Works on any device: laptop, tablet or smartphone
  • Prepare quizzes and polls using different question types
  • Show live results of any quiz or poll
  • Allow participants to ask silent questions
  • Talk to all participants at once using audio and video
  • Interact with individual participants or small groups using audio and video
  • Listen discretely to participants speaking or discussing
  • Create conversation groups manually or automatically
  • Record any type of interaction, audio and video
  • Integrate quizzes in PowerPoint
  • Reuse activities in multiple lectures
  • Monitor student screens 
  • Multi-lingual user interface (English, French, Dutch)