Acquire skills and knowledge by e-mail

Microlearning made easy

Edumail is a new assessmentQ module that enables continuous learning and education by means of a simple e-mail. It lets your staff or students learn in less time, overcoming the common "no time for training" syndrome.

How does it work?

  1. Create an assessmentQ publication with multiple-choice questions.
  2. In assessmentQ, create an e-mail campaign that sends out e-mails on a daily or weekly basis.
  3. Follow up the results in the assessmentQ reporting module.

Happy learning!


Learn in less time

Your employees only need 1 minute per day to answer the question they receive by e-mail, see the solution and read the feedback. You don't have to dedicate hours of days to training, reserve training rooms or allocate trainers. Edumail works fast, anywhere and anytime.

Playful and motivating

Edumail is a playful yet powerful way for your learners to acquire new knowledge and skills. By launching an Edumail "competition", you will motivate your staff or students to compete against each other in the learning process.

Completely under your control

Edumail provides the flexibility you require to define when e-mails should be sent out, to whom, with which look and feel, and one or more answer attempts. Further, you can easily follow up the results in the assessmentQ reporting module, so you control the process from A to Z.

New delivery engine for your assessmentQ publications

Edumail sends out small learning snippets that enable a continuous learning process in an efficient way. It uses existing assessmentQ publications with multiple-choice questions, and is a unique way to deliver the questions on a regular basis to any device via e-mail. How easy can learning be? 

Affordable innovation

At only € 1,995 per year for up to 60,000 Edumails (or 5,000 e-mails per month), Edumail is the easiest and most affordable way to innovate the way your staff or students learn. Get in touch so we can activate Edumail for you. 

Try out Edumail yourself?

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