Edumatic is an online practice and assessment platform that engages learners and allows managers to effectively measure knowledge and learning ROI.

Quantify your organization’s knowledge 

To achieve competitive advantage, many organizations spend enormous amounts of money on training and developing employees, but without actually knowing the Return On Investment (ROI).

Edumatic is an online platform that:

  • Allows you to test the knowledge of your current workforce
  • Provides an interactive way for you to fill knowledge gaps
  • Measures how knowledge in your organization is increasing

30+ question formats

Edumatic contains not just traditional question formats such as multiple-choice, drag and drop and fill the gap answering, but others specifically developed for subjects such as language learning, maths, economics and law.

Learning at your own level

Using metadata, Edumatic lets you create a series of questions geared to different knowledge levels, from basic for newcomers through to advanced questioning for experienced employees and expert users. Being tested at their own knowledge level will help keep employees motivated.

Completely configurable and customisable

Edumatic is highly configurable to meet your organisation’s needs. So, for example, you can define the interface’s look, which buttons are available to learners, whether or not to give feedback, if questions should be shuffled, and how much freedom learners have to navigate around the platform,

Learn anytime, anywhere and on any device

As Edumatic is an online application there is nothing to install, so it can easily be used on a laptop, tablet or smartphone as the interface is completely responsive. It also means you can learn in the office, at home, or even during your child’s soccer practice.

Easy integration with other applications

Edumatic provides a complete API so it easily integrates with your LMS, HR applications, website and other software.

Keep your knowledge up to date

Research by the German scientist Hermann Ebbinghaus shows that no less than 81% of the knowledge you acquire in a classroom or online training, has disappeared after 30 days. By stimulating repetition and continuous learning, Edumatic helps you to decrease the knowledge gap significantly.

Televic Education uses this and other scientific insights to transfer, retain and measure knowledge.

The Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve The Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve

Thanks to Edumatic the Jan Yperman hospital evolved to location- and time-independent learning, and is able to continually monitor and update the competences of our employees and doctors.

Edumatic is an important link in increasing and measuring the knowledge of our staff. With the help of Televic Education we are able to realise this trajectory in an efficient way. 

By investing in e-learning, we want to provide a more flexible and richer learning experience to our employees, together with the traditional types of learning. Edumatic by Televic Education is a great support in achieving this.