EduQare is a growing set of content modules for the healthcare sector,
helping hospitals prepare for JCI or NIAZ/Qmentum accreditation. 

EduQare - content for the care sector

EduQare provides a set of media and information-rich content learning modules specifically designed for the care sector. Topics cover hospital-wide priorities such as fire prevention and hand hygiene, as well as specialisms like nuclear medicine and radioprotection.

EduQare is interactive so candidates can get valuable feedback on the correctness of their answers, as well as their progress. This encourages deep learning.

EduQare actively helps hospitals prepare for the JCI and the NIAZ/Qmentum accreditation.

EduQare is built with assessmentQ and allows institutions to customise the content and the structure of the modules.

How can EduQare help you?

Learning modules

EduQare offers optional learning modules for use in the care sector, such as:

  • Fire detection and prevention
  • Blood transfusion
  • Reanimation
  • High risk medication
  • Patient identification
  • Hand hygiene
  • Pain relief
  • MRSA
  • EWS
  • Aggression
  • Medical maths
  • ...

Easy customisation and fast content creation

The EduQare content is available in the assessmentQ platform, where you can

  • create items using 30+ interaction types,
  • combine questions into assessments and exercises manually or using metadata,
  • schedule assessments and e-learnings with or without time limits
  • view and export the results and
  • edit the content of the optional modules.

Insights from learning reports and analytics

When an assessment or exercise is finished, you can consult the results through comprehensive online reporting, or in your own LMS through web services.

For all staff members

Nurses, surgeons, staff, interns… Everyone can take an assessment or practice within the hospital, at home, or in a secure and controlled environment or exam centre. This allows you to prepare for an audit, or just to monitor and improve your employees' knowledge easily. 

Join the EduQare community

Do you want to know which content our 50+ healthcare customers have already created and want to share with you? Do you want to learn from other hospitals, psychiatric care centres and residential care centres and share best practices? Then the EduQare community is what you need.