Innovative professional interpreter training made easy

The perfect marriage of training software and conference hardware

interpreterQ is a professional interpreter training system that combines the Lingua Interpreter Desk with intuitive training software. Built in close collaboration with interpreters and their teachers,, interpreterQ can capture student performances during classes, live conferences and examinations.

With the Lingua Interpreter Desk, interpreters are trained using the same equipment they will be using in their professional environment.

The new training software was co-created with interpreters and pilot customers to maximise the learning effect and ease of use.

interpreterQ software and Lingua Interpreter Desk interpreterQ software and Lingua Interpreter Desk

Unique features and possibilities

Easy interaction with one, two or all interpreters

interpreterQ supports booths with one or two interpreters, and allows you to interact with both students at the same time, or with only one individual student. Further, if your conversation is relevant for the other booths, you can share it with the rest of the class.

Use any source to mimic real life

Use a live speech or any analogue or digital learning materials to train the next generation of interpreters in a setting that mimics their real working environment. With interpreterQ the live speech is automatically digitised so you can reuse it for other classes. 

Use booth cams for visual monitoring and sign language

Use booth cams to allow the student and lecturer to monitor facial expressions, note-taking and various physical clues. With this visual facility, you can also effectively train sign language interpreting

Control the interpreter booths remotely

As a teacher, you control all interpreter desks from your PC, even when these interpreter desk are located in a different room:

  • Put the booths in restricted mode for exam situations
  • Force all interpreters to listen to the floor when you talk to the class
  • Send a blank screen to grab the interpreter's attention
  • Listen discretely to interpreters' activities, they will not know that they are being monitored. 

Link multiple rooms with one system

interpreterQ can be used with interpreter booths in multiple rooms, so you can optimally use the available infrastructure in your institution or organisation. 

Automated training workflow

When you teach interpreting, you want to monitor and evaluate them, and limit the amount of work you have to set things up. interpreterQ allows you to complete the entire training workflow with a minimum number of clicks:

  • Prepare live or recorded speeches
  • Record the interpretation (optionally with webcams)
  • Collect the results automatically
  • Share a specific result with the class for review and discussion