interpreterQ Media Player

A new application joined the interpreterQ family: the interpreterQ Media Player is a stand-alone player that integrates seamlessly with interpreterQ, thanks to its identical look and feel and its technological coupling. Moreover, it introduces a number of new features, such as markers, 2-track recording and multi-track reviewing.

The stand-alone interpreterQ Media Player allows teachers and students to enjoy the benefits of interpreterQ outside of the interpreting lab, taking away all limitations of time and place during preparation, practice or evaluation.

Advantages and features


The interpreterQ Media Player can be used for as a recording tool for students or an evaluation tool for teachers. It can be used for both consecutive as well as simultaneous interpreting activities.


Students and/or teachers can add markers to source tracks and/or the recording, and have the possibility to add comments to a marker, making it easier for a student or teacher to pinpoint a comment or key moment to an exact timing. The source track or recording can then easily be re-started from that time frame onwards.

Preparing upfront

The teacher can prepare interpreting activities at home using the interpreterQ Media Player. He can, for example, select a source file, specify the type of interpreting exercise and add markers to indicate key moments. This file can then easily be uploaded to his activity in interpreterQ.

Evaluation without limitations

Student recordings collected in interpreterQ during class can be exported along with the markers added to the recording during class. This way the teacher can evaluate the exercises after class using the interpreterQ Media Player in the same way as interpreterQ is used in the interpreter labs, add additional markers or evaluate and mark the students' work in his/her own pace.

2-track recording

Choosing for the interpreterQ Media Player means benefiting from the 2-track recording, where source and interpretation are separate tracks.

Independent practice

The interpreterQ Media Player is a stand-alone player. As a result, students can use this player both in the interpreting lab as well as at home, with the same, familiar tool. They are no longer limited to practising at school only. When students work on an interpreterQ project independently, they can send their exercise files to the teacher afterwards.