interpreterQ Media Player

Interpreter training made simple, anywhere

Practice simultaneous or consecutive interpreting, anywhere

The interpreter training challenge

How do you practice your interpreting skills? How do you evaluate your students' interpreting exercises? With our high-end interpreter training system interpreterQ of course. 

However, it is true that the advanced features of interpreterQ, and its smart integration with the world-class Lingua interpreter units are only available in your interpreter lab. 

The solution is here!

Fortunately, the new interpreterQ Media Player solves this challenge. This unique application, by interpreter for interpreters only, allows you to 

  • prepare interpreting exercises and send them to your students
  • record student performances for both simultaneous and consecutive interpreting exercises
  • evaluate interpretations and add feedback for the interpreters in the recording.

The interpreterQ Media Player allows teachers and students to enjoy the benefits of interpreterQ outside of the interpreting lab, taking away all limitations of time and place during preparation, practice or evaluation.

What's in it for you?

Simultaneous and consecutive interpretation

The interpreterQ Media Player has a clear focus: it is a practice tool where you can record both simultaneous and consecutive interpretations. And teachers or peers can evaluate these recorded interpretations fast and easily. 

Nothing more, nothing less.

Capture audio and video

Evaluate not only the spoken interpretation, but also the way the interpreter presents the message: by capturing not only the interpreter's microphone, but also his webcam, you have all means to properly evaluate a performance. 

Dual-track recording and customisable export

interpreterQ Media Player is a dual-track recorder: the source speech and interpretation are recorded on separate tracks. However, you can export an interpretation to MP3 or MP4, and decide whether or not you want to include the source speech.

This gives you complete flexibility to review performances in other media players as well. 

Unique features, for interpreters only

interpreterQ Media Player contains several unique features that support the interpreter training process:

  • Do you want to mark difficult parts or numbers in the source speech? Use markers.
  • Do you want your consecutive interpreting exercise to be split up in smaller parts? Split the source speech in segments
  • Do you want to allow an interpreter to decide when he is ready to start his consecutive interpretation? Add pauses after each segment. 

Integration with interpreterQ

interpreterQ Media Player works stand-alone and supports the entire interpretation process, from preparation to review.

However, it is also seamlessly integrated with interpreterQ, so you can

  • upload exercises you prepared in the Media Player to interpreterQ, and
  • export recordings from interpreterQ for evaluation in the Media Player. 

Self-practice and peer review

The interpreterQ Media Player is a stand-alone player. As a result, students can use this player both in the interpreting lab and at home. This way, they can practice anywhere on their own.

On top of that, they can review the performance of their peers with or without the intervention of the teacher.