Education… as in Televic Education…

Education is at the heart of Televic Education’s business.

Built by education for education, Televic Education’s innovative solutions are based on sound academic research and many experiments involving university professors and students.

Language-related solutions for education

Televic Education many years’ experience in classroom management and language learning has enabled us to develop a wide range of language-related solutions, often for niche markets. This includes classroom control software, over smart language lab solutions with zero-delay interaction, and products for sign language training and the objective revision of translations.

The academic origin of Edumatic

Our e-learning and e-assessment platform Edumatic was originally designed for the education sector at the University of Leuven before being spun off to a separate company.

Using sound academic research and the results of many experiments involving university professors and students, Edumatic contains many innovative ideas including, ground breaking correction algorithms, state-of-the-art feedback, advanced scoring options, smart reports, and pioneering adaptive learning and testing paths.