May 18, 2018

Already more than 30 healthcare customers for Edumatic and EduQare

With 8 new healthcare customers in the last week, and 14 already in 2018, Edumatic and its EduQare community are booming and proving to be the correct answer for the challenges in the healthcare sector

The EduQare ecosystem consists of the Edumatic platform, EduQare content modules and the EduQare community. Each of these play an important role in the total solution for healthcare:

  • Edumatic is an advanced e-learning and practice platform, that allows hospitals, psychiatric care centers and residential care centers to evaluate and increase the employees' knowledge in a fast, fun and efficient way.
  • The EduQare modules are content modules dealing with common practices in the healthcare. They are created by the care sector for the care sector, and can be edited by our customers so they perfectly meet their specific needs.
  • The EduQare community provides the opportunity to Edumatic and EduQare customers to share content modules and learn from each other's best practices and experiences.

In the last week, we were glad to welcome the following customers as well:

  • Psychiatric Center Menen
  • Residential care center ‘t Hof, Lichtervelde

  • Residential care center De Boomgaard, Langemark-Poelkapelle

  • Residential care center Ter Linde, Hooglede

  • Residential care center De Oever, Staden

  • Residential care center Sint-Remigius, Pittem

  • Residential care center Sint-Augustinus, Torhout

  • Maria Ziekenhuis Noord Limburg