January 30, 2019

AZ Maria Middelares believes in Televic Education's EduQare community

AZ Maria Middelares is a brand new and modern hospital in the green outskirts of Ghent (Belgium). This new 64,800 m2 hospital has a high-tech infrastructure and the latest medical equipment. It is a very efficient acute hospital with a human face. More than 1650 employees and 180 doctors are responsible every day for "Healthcare with a Soul".

To continuously support its employees and doctors with the right training and knowledge, AZ Maria Middelares has selected assessmentQ, the online advanced learning, practice and test platform of Televic Education.

Although the hospital already had a tradition in digital learning, it was quickly convinced of assessmentQ's user-friendliness and simplicity in creating and delivering content. Moreover, AZ Maria Middelares strongly believes in the power of collaboration and the EduQare community, a community that, in addition to providing a wide range of content specifically developed for healthcare, co-creates and exchanges content  and meets regularly to exchange experiences.