August 21, 2019

Edumail Summer Promotion

What is Edumail?

Edumail is an unique and optional new module to assessmentQ which allows your employees to gain and revise knowledge by e-mail. You can easily measure their knowledge by keeping track of all results. And all of this at a moment and place of your choice.

How? You create or re-use one or more assessmentQ multiple choice questions, start a campaign which sends out e-mails with one question on a daily or weekly basis, and monitor the results.

The benefits?

Time saving

Your employees need less than 1 minute a day: they receive the question, click an answer, view their score and receive immediate feedback.

assessmentQ based

Edumail is powered by assessmentQ, which has a user friendly interface and allows you to create questions very easily and quickly.


You are in total control: you determine how often, when and to whom the e-mails are sent out. The results are easy to view, whenever you like.


This microlearning tool allows you to send Edumails to brush up the knowledge acquired by assessmentQ modules. The knowledge remains top of mind.

Create an Edumail campaign in less than 5 minutes

Not only your employee saves a lot of time, but you do, too. An Edumail campaign can be created in less than 5 minutes. Want to see it for yourself?

Summer Promotion: free for the rest of 2019!

With only € 1,995 a year for up to 60,000 Edumails (or up to 5,000 Edumails a month), Edumail is a cost efficient upgrade. Moreover, you can now enjoy our exceptional and one-off Summer Promotion: if you register for a yearly license before 31 August, you get Edumail 2.0 for free for four months. This means you only pay € 1,335 instead of € 1,995 for your first yearly license.

Register here before 31 August 2019.