October 8, 2019

The EduQare Community welcomes AZ Sint-Vincentius hospital Deinze

Televic Education welcomes a new member to the EduQare Community: AZ Sint-Vincentius hospital Deinze has decided to start working with assessmentQ.

The hospital is an acute regional hospital, where patients are entering a familial atmosphere, which can be guaranteed thanks to their firm belief in maintaining a small scale. Currently, the hospital has space for 170 patients, who are being taken care of by over 400 employees. (source: AZ STV Deinze)

AZ Deinze has chosen the advanced learning, practising and testing platform assessmentQ to measure and train the knowledge within the hospital. Moreover, they are joining the EduQare Community, a community that, in addition to providing a wide range of content specifically developed for healthcare, co-creates and exchanges content and meets regularly to exchange experiences.

Best of luck to the Sint-Vincentius hospital!

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