November 7, 2018

Televic delivers the engine behind the Palaeography Championship in Flanders

This autumn, the State Archives of Belgium are organising a Palaeography Championship in collaboration with the history Master courses in Flanders (in UGent, UAntwerpen, KU Leuven, VUB) and Televic Education. For the preselection of candidates, the State Archives use Edumatic, the advanced learning, practice and testing platform of Televic Education. 

Interested in participating? Everyone can participate: young and old, archivists, historians, genealogists, local experts, ... For students (up to 25 years) there is a separate category. 

Do you read a medieval charter like your newspaper and do old manuscripts have little secrets for you? Register and participate in the online preselections via this website. Maybe you will win a place in the finals on Saturday, December 15 2018 in the State Archives in Bruges. The winners will receive a nice prize, but most of all: eternal fame! 
Good luck!

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