June 11, 2019

Televic Education and Bert Wylin start a spin-out: PEP (Patient Education Point)

The past year, Televic Education has been experiencing significant growth for our online e-learning platform in healthcare: doctors and nursing staff are being trained and assessed with our advanced tools. Using the same technology, but 'with a twist', patients are now being better informed and trained, as well. In the 'new' healthcare, a role of increasing importance is being reserved for the patient him- or herself. Patients who are better informed and more involved, recover better - as has been scientifically proven.

"PEP is a perfect extension of what we are already doing," confirms Stijn De Vleeschhouwer, General Manager at Televic Education. PEP is an abbreviation of Patient Education Point and delivers a just-in-time hyperlink with relevant facts and useful knowledge about the surgery or the admission to the hospital. And this is being offered interactively: patients do not only need to read or watch, but they also need to answer questions and prove they have understood everything. "This way, the hospital can check whether all information successfully reached the patient and is fully understood - which has been impossible with the classic paper brochures. This allows to improve the experience of the patient and the overall quality."

PEP is the brainchild of Bert Wylin, earlier responsible for the 2001 KULAK spin-off 'Telraam' (which later on merged with Televic Education through indiegroup). He now creates a spin-out for this new platform - a separate firm: "PEP is a specific application, for a specific target group - the patients - with a specific workflow in which user friendliness is priority. This deserves its very own approach. We do use the underlying technology of Televic Education's assessmentQ, but we have added a smart and secure portal, and a just-in-time distribution channel."

"This spin-out fortifies the ecosystem we want to build around e-learning in healthcare. Our platform already has an active community, with participants from hospitals and residential care centres, who exchange learning materials and learning experiences. PEP will only support this even further," says Joris Vanholme, Business Development Manager at Televic Education, which will target the Walloon and foreign market the coming years. The interest in PEP is very large and even wider than expected, since the patient's family, inhabitants of residential care centres and informal caretakers can be educated with PEP, too.

From left to right: Stijn De Vleeschhouwer, Joris Vanholme, Bert Wylin. From left to right: Stijn De Vleeschhouwer, Joris Vanholme, Bert Wylin.

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Bert Wylin - b.wylin@televic.com - 0032 477 68 28 33

Stijn De Vleeschhouwer - s.devleeschhouwer@televic.com - 0032 495 58 48 54