October 18, 2019

Televic Education launches Academy

A varied offer of training courses

When Televic Education acquires a new customer, some basic training courses are provided at the customer's premises. We receive positive feedback on these training courses; they are certainly sufficient to get your employees off to a good start.

With our very own Academy, we now offer an answer to the growing demand for more (specialised) courses on the use of our products. 

We are still available for specific on-demand, on-site training, completely tailored to your needs, as we have done up to now. Often this remains a straightforward way of working and can be done for all our products. Are you working with one of our products and interested in a training course? Request one here.

assessmentQ open training courses

For assessmentQ, we launch a 'catalogue' with open training courses. This initiative was called into life as a reaction to that same growing demand for more (specialised) courses.

On the one hand, there is the recurring demand to train (new) employees in the basic functionalities, such as creating items (authors) or publishing items, or drawing up simple reports. For this group, we will now organise basic training sessions 2 to 3 times a year, independently of the initial training sessions that are usually given at the start of our partnership. Both new and existing customers can register for these courses (to brush up or repeat knowledge etc.).

On the other hand, there is also a demand for more specialised training courses on topics that cannot or only to a limited extent be dealt with in the initial training courses. These topics are very diverse and certainly not always suitable or intended for everyone. Such topics are organised once a year, but are open to everyone to register. Such specialised training courses include the use of video in a learning module, the use of scores in an exam module, the making of "good" questions (according to the rules of multiple-choice question art) and "good" distractors (and therefore also the question: how can you know that you measure what you want to measure?).

This addition to and greater choice in our training offer should make it possible to meet the needs of your institution even better, by allowing you to make your own choices and focus on the aspects you want to. We think our training courses will enrich, deepen and broaden the use of assessmentQ.
In the coming months, the Televic Academy will also launch a number of other digital initiatives, whereby we will also strengthen our training offer online. You can expect a training portal, smart, fast Edumail campaigns, webinars and online videos and tutorials. We practise what we preach! 

You can get an overview of all available open training sessions here. We hope to see you soon!

Want to read more about our Academy?

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