May 19, 2021

Televic’s interactive learning modules for the healthcare sector eagerly used

In recent years, healthcare institutions in Belgium have eagerly embraced online learning to efficiently educate and evaluate their staff. A trend that was further accelerated by the outbreak of Covid-19. Televic Education responded to this by making ready-made interactive learning modules available to the sector, both for customers and non-customers.

Shortly after the outbreak of the Coronavirus last year we asked ourselves what we could do as a technology company to adequately support our healthcare customers," explains Stijn De Vleeschhouwer, General Manager at Televic Education. “Interactive training modules, on relevant topics such as hand hygiene and protective clothing for example, turned out to be high on the wish list.

Stijn De Vleesschouwer
General Manager Televic Education

Ready-made interactive learning modules

Based on this input, Televic Education joined forces with the Nursing program of the Karel de Grote Hogeschool to develop qualitative learning modules for the sector. By building on the available customizable modules in Televic's EduQare community, results followed quickly. The modules were then made available in Dutch and French, for both Televic’s customers and non-customers.

And it didn't stop there. Soon followed modules on dementia in combination with Covid-19, developed in collaboration with the Expertise Center Dementia and Alzheimer Belgique. In addition, they launched a module on ‘Evidence Based Vaccination’ in collaboration with BEFEZO.

Consulted more than 20,000 times

To date, these dedicated learning modules have been consulted more than 20,000 times. A great result that motivates Televic Education to continue its investments in innovative learning solutions for the healthcare community.

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