The Ghana Education Project

State-of-the-art multimedia teaching environment for 242 Senior High Schools in Ghana

Project details

The Ghana Education Project provides 242 Senior High Schools with a state-of-the-art multimedia teaching environment. These labs are adapted for teaching any kind of subject in typical African environments (e.g. heat, humidity, lightning strikes …) and all of them are equipped with professional power provisioning systems enabling to continue lectures during power-outages.

Each classroom/lab consists out of a rack with a power management system, a server and a network. To the rack, 20 high-performance multimedia computer systems are connected. Finally, the teacher station is equipped with an AVIDAnet Classroom Teacher Control system that enables the teacher to have full control of the classroom.

The e-learning component consists of the learning materials based on the national curriculum, which can be distributed by the teacher to the students with or without internet connection.

As such, a teacher can divide the classroom into multiple groups and grant dedicated rights to these groups. These rights include internet access, website selection, audio, video, group chatting, one-on-one chatting and many others. As a result, teaching becomes more effective and more efficient.

I was impressed by Televic’s innovative approach during my visit to Ghana. Education is one of the essential pillars of development. Televic’s e-learning platform is making an important contribution to Ghana’s development.