Reservation and exam portal linked with Edumatic

About IAB

IAB is the professional organisation of accountants and tax consultants. The institute takes care of the training and permanent professional development of a large number of tax specialists.

In order to be recognised as a tax consultant, you need to apply with IAB and fulfill a number of legal conditions.

Project details

Every candidate tax consultant or accountant has to go through a number of steps in order to be allowed to the profession:

  1. Pass for the entrance examination. IAB organise about 4500 entrance examinations per year for 25 different topics. 
  2. Complete an internship for 3 years, with an intermediate exam after the first and second year. 
  3. Pass for the final exam after 3 years.

Televic Education has automated the organisation of the different types of exams by means of a custom reservation and exam portal linked with the Edumatic platform. Candidates can log in through Single Sign On with the IAB applications, and their result is automatically sent back to the IAB CRM system when a candidate has finished the exam. 

When Televic Education provides a quote for a custom project, then it is transparent and clear. There are no grey zones and that is great! I love their quality of service, and the correct follow-up of any project, large or small.

Christoph Di Piazza
IT Project Manager, IAB