assessmentQ offers a clear overview of Oncomfort digital sedation

Virtual Reality and clinical hypnosis can complement one another. This has been proven by Oncomfort. The international scale-up from Wavre brings non-medicinal, digital sedation onto the market with their Sedakit. With a view to a smooth introduction and training for the care providers in hospitals, Oncomfort is relying on Televic Education's assessmentQ

Innovative solution

The roots of the Belgian company Oncomfort lie in the US. Co-founder and Master of Psychology Diane Jooris specialised in clinical hypnosis in a cancer centre (Houston) when it was still in its infancy. Her aim was to alleviate the anxiety and pain associated with a medical intervention, possibly in combination with local anaesthesia. Julien Tesse (Product Manager Oncomfort): "After experiments with 3D-sound recordings of her voice and collaboration with an expert from the gaming industry, Diane Jooris concluded that VR and clinical hypnosis could complement one another. In 2017, this led to the creation of Oncomfort. We are bringing non-medicinal, digital sedation onto the market by combining clinical hypnosis and proven psychological techniques with virtual reality. Thanks to our CE approved solution, caregivers can work more effectively and without interruption while patients enjoy a higher degree of comfort. This could involve a simple injection for a child or the placement of a pacemaker for an adult.”

It is of vital importance that our product is always offered with a very high degree of quality. Televic Education, with assessmentQ, is an important professional partner in this context.


The Oncomfort Sedakit™ encompasses all of the components of conducting digital sedation: a VR headset, headphones and a smartphone. The hospital pays an annual licence fee for the software which is made up of several modules (three for adults, four for children). Julien Tesse: “The session involves a combination of music, the hypnotherapist’s voice and images. The intention is to use the right module for each person. The duration varies from two to sixty minutes and there are over ten languages available. We are, however, continuously working on the modules’ further development. At the moment, around 100 hospitals are using SedakitTM, approximately 60% of which are in Belgium. This includes UZ Gent, AZ Sint-Lucas in Gent, UZA and CHIREC.”

Caregivers trained and tested with assessmentQ

Oncomfort is ready for the full roll-out to the European market and would like to help hospitals with the introduction of this innovative product. Televic Education is an important partner in this context. Julien Tesse: “Our ambition is to ensure that SedakitTM is offered as an alternative alongside the classic solutions. In terms of application, it is very important that the quality is maintained at a very high level. On the one hand, we offer training for caregivers and other users via the Oncomfort Academy. On the other, we use assessmentQ from Televic Education to test and train caregivers. They must apply the product and translate it for the specific patient in an intelligent manner. In concrete terms, this means answering 22 questions on the product and how it works in around 30 minutes. We provide updates on the basis of feedback and tips that we receive from day-to-day usage in hospitals. The programme is available on various devices such as the smartphone and PC.