assessmentQ offers a clear overview of Oncomfort digital sedation

Caregivers trained and tested with assessmentQ

Oncomfort is ready for the full roll-out to the European market and would like to help hospitals with the introduction of this innovative product. Televic Education is an important partner in this context. Julien Tesse: “Our ambition is to ensure that SedakitTM is offered as an alternative alongside the classic solutions. In terms of application, it is very important that the quality is maintained at a very high level. On the one hand, we offer training for caregivers and other users via the Oncomfort Academy. On the other, we use assessmentQ from Televic Education to test and train caregivers. They must apply the product and translate it for the specific patient in an intelligent manner. In concrete terms, this means answering 22 questions on the product and how it works in around 30 minutes. We provide updates on the basis of feedback and tips that we receive from day-to-day usage in hospitals. The programme is available on various devices such as the smartphone and PC.

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It is of vital importance that our product is always offered with a very high degree of quality. Televic Education, with assessmentQ, is an important professional partner in this context.

Julien Tesse
Product Manager, Oncomfort