STEM Olympiad

Large-volume high-stakes exams with assessmentQ

assessmentQ is the reliable partner of the annual Flemish STEM Olympiad, during which up to 23,000 exams are sat in one week.

Following last year’s successful edition, the preliminary round of the Flemish STEM Olympiad exam once again took place digitally using assessmentQ. In the first week of February, almost 23,000 first-grade secondary school students successfully completed the competition questions for the preliminary round. This Olympiad was created and took place digitally with assessmentQ, and the results were available straight away, without time-consuming marking.

"We have been working together for a long time to get the Flemish STEM Olympiad online using assessmentQ. It is in our interest to ensure that such high-volume exams, taken in a short period of time, are conducted as smoothly as possible. So it’s great that we can rely on a professional and reliable partner like Televic Education. We are really pleased with this collaboration," says Rik Hostyn, Coordinator.

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Rik Hostyn of the Vlaamse STEM Olympiade is pleased with the collaboration between Televic Education's assessmentQ and STEM for taking large volumes of high-stakes exams with e-assessment. Rik Hostyn, Coordinator of the Flemish STEM Olympiad