Digital media recorder for language labs

Digital media recorder for language labs

Sonus is a 2-track media player and recorder that can be used on its own or with the AVIDAnet® Language Lab for tutor-led activities or independent self-study. This makes practice using existing digital learning materials, or live in the classroom, much easier.

Sonus is compatible with most common audio and video formats. You can record voice and speaking assessments in .wav. or .mp3.


Audio comparative and corrective functionality

To create an optimal learning experience, Sonus allows you not only to compare a recording with the original audio but also to redo it so you don’t have to proceed with the exercise until you are satisfied with the result.

Two track recording

Sonus enables the recording of two separate tracks: one for the audio source, and one for the studetn's voice 

Sonus + AVIDAnet = maximum flexibility

Sonus can be installed on individual PCs, a computer suite or even campus-wide. Get the most out of Sonus by combining it with your AVIDAnet Live multimedia lab.

More Sonus features 

  • Voice graphs for pronunciation practice
  • Tutor control of student recording
  • Add subtitles to audio and video files
  • Insert bookmarks and reference markers as required
  • Automatic sentence detection