The game-changer in translation training and revision

Unique Computer-Assisted Revision

Every revisor, whether in an academic faculty or translation company, is familiar with the challenges of translation revision: it is a tedious and repetitive job, where inconsistencies and subjectivity are hard to avoid.

translationQ offers a new way of revising translations: let technology support you to increase consistency and objectivity, and provide a reliable trace of every error that was marked, score that was changed, and report that was generated. 

If computer-assisted translation is not new for you, then we invite you to discover the revolution in computer-assisted revision.

What gives you the edge?

Worry-free revision

translationQ sets a new standard in translation revision: it acts as your assistant in the revision process, with automatic error detection, score calculation and report generation. 

Intelligence under your control

translationQ works so intelligently because of its underlying revision memory. The more errors it encounters, the smarter translationQ becomes. However, the human revisor has the final say: you accept and reject the detected errors, thereby controlling the entire correction and feedback flow.

Traceable objectivity

With translationQ, the entire revision process is not only consistent and objective, but it also remains completely traceable: you know who added, accepted or rejected any error, and who overwrote the final score. In case of complaints, you can retrieve all the information you need. 

Research-based power

Developed in collaboration with the KU Leuven Faculty of Arts Campus St-Andries Antwerp, translationQ has been beta-tested by dozens of universities and organisations around the world to ensure it fits the translation training workflow and covers your use cases.

Productivity boost

By automatically detecting errors in translations, translationQ will boost your productivity considerably, resulting in a reduction of the revision time and thus a significant cost reduction for your organisation.

User-centered design

translationQ's user interface is tested by dozens of translators and revisors, translation teachers and managers, and has been critically evaluated by usability specialists. It is designed to make translation and revision a joy.

Features in a nutshell

  • Import of Word and SDL XLIFF files
  • Semi-automatic alignment of source texts
  • Error tagging for bilingual texts using customisable error categories
  • Automatic detection of similar errors
  • Possibility to override automatic scores
  • Error-specific and general feedback for any translation
  • Automatic distribution of student reports
  • Analytics and insights for the revisor
  • User-friendly interface
  • Browser-based, no installation required

Even more features...

  • Blind revision for high-stakes exams
  • Exchangeable revision memories in TBX format for easy collaboration
  • Multi-lingual user interface (English, French, Dutch), and support for all ISO languages for translations
  • Right to left support for Arabic

Missing a feature?

Get in touch to check if translationQ has the feature you want. If not, we may add it to our roadmap!

The functionalities of translationQ make it possible to ensure greater uniformity in the evaluation of translation quality.

Stephen Sekel
Former Director of the Documentation Division, United Nations Headquarters (retired)