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E-learning at Hospital Jan Yperman, with Roche and Televic Education

Regional hospital Jan Yperman, located in Ypres, Belgium, offers training to its 1000 nurses, and provides accreditation to at least 700 of them for many tests, including the glucose point-of-care test (POCT).

With the support of Roche and Televic Education, the hospital decided to go digital with their training and accreditation efforts.

Discover the benefits Jan Yperman gained from e-learning enabled by Televic Education.

The Televic Education solutions are trusted by companies and institutes all over the world.


What our customers say

When Televic Education provides a quote for a custom project, then it is transparent and clear. There are no grey zones and that is great! I love their quality of service, and the correct follow-up of any project, large or small.

Thanks to assessmentQ the Jan Yperman hospital evolved to location- and time-independent learning, and is able to continually monitor and update the competences of our employees and doctors.

Having the Televic interpreter training system installed in our labs means that we can provide our interpreting students with authentic experiences of simultaneous interpreting, replicating the set-up of conference rooms used at the United Nations, European Parliament & European Commission. The students benefit immensely from this real-world set-up which prepares them to enter the interpreting profession upon graduation.

I was impressed by Televic’s innovative approach during my visit to Ghana. Education is one of the essential pillars of development. Televic’s e-learning platform is making an important contribution to Ghana’s development.

Our purpose-built Interpreting Suite provides students with state-of-the-art facilities for training in simultaneous and consecutive interpreting, using specialist Televic interpreting equipment.

We offer a very radical form of distance learning - some students never come to the campus. assessmentQ and ProctorExam are responding to this development.

We have been working together for a long time to get the Flemish STEM Olympiad online using assessmentQ. It is in our interest to ensure that such high-volume exams, taken in a short period of time, are conducted as smoothly as possible. So it’s great that we can rely on a professional and reliable partner like Televic Education.

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