AVIDAnet Live

Smart digital language lab solution for audio- and video-based activities
and for computer classroom control.

Smart Digital Language Lab

Using AVIDAnet® Live’s language lab software, teachers can now engage students in real-time learning activities that combine the four major language skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. The language lab’s innovative features allow the teacher to capture and deliver multimedia material to students with ease in any new or existing ICT classroom.

AVIDAnet teacher position AVIDAnet teacher position

Use a wide range of multimedia materials

The AVIDAnet Live language lab makes full use of multimedia learning materials. Teachers can use a variety of digital and even analogue sources including DVD, audio files, digital video files and online content, without having to convert them first.

Live conversations and recording

Live audio facilities allow fluent conversations that can be digitally recorded for evaluation or assessment purposes.

Classroom management

The AVIDAnet Live language lab software puts teachers in full control of ICT classrooms by providing them with the tools they need to manage, deliver and monitor live classes in a secure and easy way.

Exam mode and restricted mode

Teachers can use AVIDAnet Lite to invigilate sessions or real exams and to restrict access to programs, files and the internet so students can focus on a given task without distraction.

File transfer and launching application

AVIDAnet Live makes it easy to send, launch and open files on the students' computers. File collection can be done automatically when an activity is stopped so the retrieval of student responses is a painless operation, whether used during a lesson or for speaking tests.

From your teacher's desktop, launch the applications you want the students to use.

AVIDAnet Live PRO-card for professional lip sync audio

Adding the AVIDAnet® Live Pro card allows for very low-delay audio conversations between teacher and students or between students. This is an essential requirement if the AVIDAnet® Live language lab is used for lip sync and high clarity language learning and training.