AVIDAnet Live Pro

The AVIDAnet Live Pro Card provides lip-sync, high clarity live digital audio to your language or interpreter classroom.

Superior Audio for Professional Language Labs & Multimedia Classrooms

The AVIDAnet® Live Pro USB is our high-end, professional-standard audio and network card specifically designed for digital language labs and multimedia classrooms where a high degree of clarity and lip-synchronisation is required.

The AVIDAnet® LIVE Pro USB card outperforms pure software solutions and guarantees that conversations and discussions are delivered in realtime, high-quality digital audio.

Use existing network cabling

The AVIDANet Pro card uses your existing network cabling. No need to add a separate set of cables to connect your language class hardware

Lip sync

By adding the AVIDAnet Live Pro card to your AVIDAnet Live classroom, you will have real time, lip sync, low delay audio quality.

This add-on easily outperforms all software solutions in the market.

Simply connect via USB

With AVIDAnet Live Pro, no need to open and reconfigure your PC's. You can add the card via USB.

This also allows to use laptops for you language labs.