April 29, 2020

Flemish Olympiad for Natural Sciences organises tests at home with assessmentQ

For the first time, the Vlaamse Olympiade voor Natuurwetenschappen (Flemish Olympiad for Natural Sciences) organised their tests with assessmentQ, Televic Education's advanced digital platform for practising and testing. This digital platform allowed candidates to take the exam at home, taking into account the Covid-19 measures. To guarantee safety and avoid cheating, a proctoring tool was used. How does this work? The candidate, his/her screen and the room are being monitored through the webcam, and optionally also through the camera of the smartphone. This way, the organiser makes sure that the candidate is taking the test without using any forbidden additional resources.

Next to the Physics, Biology, Geography and Chemistry tests which were taken during the Flemish Olympiad for Natural Sciences, assessmentQ will also be used for the Junior Olympiade Natuurwetenschappen (Junior Olympiad for Natural Sciences). During this Olympiad, 200 candidates in 91 schools will take the digital test.

More information about assessmentQ and proctoring? Read all about it on  www.digitaaltesten.be (NL) or www.televic-education.com/en/assessmentQ (EN).